Some of Tropical Landscaping Internationals favourite and most renowned landscape projects have been with Casinos and Beach Clubs in Asia. These projects are almost always enjoyable with the aim to provide a fun landscaping solution to enhance the entertainment and recreational components that are integral to casino and beach clubs successes.

Casino landscaping is often focused on Internal Landscaping, with the use of preserved palms, shade tolerant planting, water features and water walls, green walls and themed lighting utilised to soften the appearance of usually large voids of space, improve the air quality and assist to provide the high-end appearance expected of a casino.

Beach clubs on the other hand often have stunning natural locations with the landscaping more focused on recreational and dining facilities. Landscaping is used to hide unwanted vistas or screen neighbouring land, swimming pools, water features and artificial beaches are added to promote recreational activities whilst planting is generally provided using palms and other tropical plant material to create a natural looking and beautiful environment.