Whether you own or are developing a housing or multi-use estate, a spacious Villa on a large plot of land, or something in between, the landscaping of an estate and residence is important. By using the services of Tropical Landscaping International, you can ensure that the design and construction of your garden and landscape will accentuate the features of your property, greatly adding to its value and livability.

Tropical Landscaping International understand that different owners and different properties require different landscaping. We liaise with our clients individually to establish a common vision as Tropical Landscaping international is an industry leader in communication with our clients and by defining what an owner desires, we can use our expertise to utilize the available space in an aesthetic and manageable manner, with the clients’ vision always at the centre of our focus.

Tropical Landscaping international provides a range of residential and estate landscaping services for Asian properties including;

Turn-key Residential and Estate Landscape Design
Including conceptual planning, design, master plan and consultancy service.

Residential Landscape Construction
Including landscaping installation and construction of Softscaping, green walls, irrigation systems, drainage, pools, water features, roads and hardscaping features. 

Plant supply
TLI provide a full range of indigenous, local and tropical plants, trees and grass species from our well stocked nursery.