Tropical Landscaping International provides a full range of commercial and Industrial landscaping development for all types of commercial and industrial facilities including Marinas, Schools, Shopping Centres, Hospitals and other commercial compounds.

Commercial Landscape Design 
Including conceptual plan, master plan, design and consultancy service. 
The design of commercial or industrial landscaping is a vital and integral part of creating a successful and pleasing commercial or industrial environment. Factors such as traffic flow, climate, noise and air quality, as well as aesthetics can all be enhanced using Tropical Landscaping Internationals commercial design service from the earliest possible stage of development planning.

Commercial Landscape Construction
Including installation of Softscaping, irrigation and drainage systems, lighting and hardscaping features. 
The construction and installation of Commercial or Industrial landscaping is much more detailed than an individual residence. Due to the different sizes of commercial facilities, and the variety of functions, each project is unique with different requirements. Tropical Landscaping International works with each client individually to develop and construct a landscape that enhances the property and exactingly meets the client’s needs, budget and site requirements.

Plant supply
TLI provide a full range of indigenous, local and tropical plants, trees and grass species from our fully stocked nursery.